What is Therapy?

If you’re considering therapy, you’re probably struggling with something painful or difficult.  You might feel stuck and can’t figure out how to move forward.  Maybe you’re suffering from really hard feelings- depression, anxiety, low self- esteem and self-worth, lack of meaning in your life.  Perhaps your relationships aren’t working for you, or you’re having a hard time being the best you.   Maybe you’ve been thrown a curve ball, or you’re having a difficult time with a challenging chapter in your life.  Maybe it’s about a past trauma that you thought you had moved past, but that is still haunting you.  Sometimes you can identify what’s going on for you, and yet making positive change seems tough or even impossible.  Sometimes you feel you’re at a dead end, and you have no choices.  And sometimes you don’t even understand why you’re feeling the way you are.  But you know something’s not right.

And now you’re ready to try to make things better.

Therapy is an opportunity to help yourself- It is about taking the steps towards understanding yourself, deepening your self-awareness, and gaining certain tools to help you move forward.  It is about attaining a clarity and appreciation for all of you, and for allowing you to step into your life in a more vibrant, authentic way.  It is about helping you find and give your life meaning, the meaning that you are seeking.

Therapy is a collaborative process.  You are the best expert on you.  That’s not to say that you have all the answers, and that’s ok.  If you did, you probably wouldn’t be interested in therapy.  But the way therapy works is that I help you in this process of going inside yourself, to discover the core essence that lies within you.  Together we look at and explore the many facets that make up you- We look at the patterns of your life, your feelings and thoughts and actions, and the numerous and often complex factors that have contributed to your way of being.

 This process is a journey.  It is about exploration and appreciation that ultimately opens you up to new possibilities, for greater choice in your life. This, then, allows you to live the life that you want to live.      

This process is done both gently as well as honestly. The space between us is confidential and safe.  It is nonjudgmental and compassionate.  I hold your pain and your secrets, and there is nothing that cannot be shared with me.  Together we go on this journey towards self- discovery.  I guide you as you lead towards this uncovering of your truth.   

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